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Green Challenge is an educational initiative at DTU  and is held annually, with an aim to ensure future engineers integrate aspects of sustainability, climate technology, and the environment in their work. 

We were honoured to represent NTNU in this year's contest, along with four other Norwegian student startups. It was inspiring and refreshing to learn about how other projects initiated by some of the country’s bright minds devoted to environmental sustainability. During the day, all participants pitched to 3 different panels with a mixed of politicians, industry experts, students, professors and researchers, followed by a short Q&A. We want to congrats one of the NTNU's startups - Sensero, for winning the International Price! :) 

Grøn Dyst is about working towards UN's Sustainable Development Goals together, while offering great networking and cultural exchange opportunities. Before the actual pitching contest, DTU has organised a range of social activities for us as international students to warm up, including team building exercise, campus visits, pitching workshop and dessert making! We were offered a fun dessert making session to make Flødeboller at 'Social Foodie' - a social based bakery in Copenhagen. Did you know that a bag of nuts is equivalent to 6months of school tuition in some African countries? Never take things for granted people! :O 

Lastly, we want to thank DTU for such great experience!

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